Quality study programme
Individual student matters
Quality study programme
Individual student matters

Student statements

  • DENIS TOMAŠIČ, s student
    DENIS TOMAŠIČ, s student
"What I really like at the College of Nursing in Celje is the flexibility of study, particularly in practical training which enables my study along with my three-shift job. My goal after finishing this study is promotion in the workplace and knowledge advancement. I find this study interesting, sociable and up-to-date."
"College of Nursing in Celje is really flexible and it is willing to listen to students’ wishes. Any problems are promptly solved. All we need is to express them. My goal after finishing this study is to apply newly acquired knowledge in the workplace, and to transfer that to other team members and students who perform their practical training in our work environment. Of course, it is a challenge for me to accept a creative job. In my opinion this study is performed professionally and properly, it is very informative, educational and also demanding.”
  • ANDREJA NUČ, a student
    ANDREJA NUČ, a student
  • MANUELA ŽUČKO, a student
    MANUELA ŽUČKO, a student
"What I like at College of Nursing is my possibility to study along with performing my regular job. Although this is quite tiresome and demanding, I have to give up many things. After graduation I would like to get a job in this professional field in Slovenia or abroad. The study is interesting, demanding and educational.”

"What I mostly like at College of Nursing in Celje is availability not only of its location but also of its staff. That allows my continuous study despite my regular full-time job. After finishing this study it is my goal to be promoted to secondary or tertiary level of health care activity. Maybe I will decide to improve my knowledge at a Master’s level. I will describe my current study with three words; available, dynamic and practical.”

  • KRISTIJAN ZIMAJ, a student
    KRISTIJAN ZIMAJ, a student
  • KATJA LUŽAR, a student
    KATJA LUŽAR, a student
"What I like the most at College of Nursing in Celje is their flexibility of study, availability of the teaching and administrative staff and their effort to be flexible for the students. After graduation I wish to upgrade and complete my knowledge which I have gained during this study. It is also my goal to continue with my study at the Master’s level and to get a job where I could use my newly acquired knowledge. The study at College of Nursing in Celje is professional, of good quality and educational. It is also really needed and by all means it is not ‘missed’."
"I particularly like good communication among the students and the teaching staff. Our teachers are doing their best to make the content understandable for all the students as much as possible. We are not considered as numbers, as it is the case in many faculties and colleges. What I really appreciate is kindness and availability of all administrative and teaching staff at the college. My goal after graduation is of course sharing and spreading my knowledge. At the same time I wish to work in emergency medical treatment one day. However, on this occasion I would like to mention that I got my job in a nursing home while performing practical training in the first study year at College of Nursing in Celje. With three words I can describe this study as interesting, demanding and educational.” 
  • JOŽEF REPAS, a student
    JOŽEF REPAS, a student