Quality study programme
Individual student matters
Quality study programme
Individual student matters

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Procedures for monitoring, assessment and quality assurance at College of Nursing in Celje provide ongoing monitoring and assessment of the quality and effectiveness of a  teaching process. In these procedures we actively involve students, teachers, administrative staff and school management. We also plan, as soon as possible, to include representatives of employers and graduates. 

The main purpose of monitoring, assessment and quality assurance is to obtain analysis of the 
current situation and to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is
way how we will assure ongoing improvement of the/our study process, continuous development and growth of our institution. 

Senate VZŠCE appointed at its third meeting (20 August 2009) the Commission for Quality. The Commission designed the following plan for monitoring, assessment and quality assurance: 
  • Setting the aims and objectives of self-evaluation, 
  • Overview of the main aspects, which are covered in the self-evaluation, 
  • Establishment of quality standards, 
  • Setting self-evaluation questions, 
  • Determination of sources of information, 
  • Designing monitoring methods, 
  • Data collection, 
  • Analysis of the collected data and materials 
  • Assessment, 
  • Preparation of self-evaluation report, 
  • Further efforts and actions resulting from the self-evaluation report. 
For the purpose of monitoring and quality assessment, the Commission for Quality VZŠCE has set records to enable efficient review of the conducted work and accepted questionnaires.