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Individual student matters
Quality study programme
Individual student matters

What others think about us

HILDA MAZE, M.A., Senior Assistant,

the assistant director for nursing care, General Hospital Celje

Operation of College of Nursing in Celje is of great importance for General Hospital Celje since it presents a development basis of our employees. There are several qualified professionals in our hospital who are at the same time incorporated in pedagogical process of the college. This way our hospital transfers its extensive experience and knowledge to students. Registered nurses are involved in education process in clinical environment where they upgrade their existing knowledge. In such process a patient benefits the most, who is assured quality and safe nursing care. We are aware that we are included in education process of our future colleagues and registered nurses who will perform nursing care for us.


the directress and deputy directress for nursing care in Dom upokojencev Šmarje pri Jelšah, Home for Elderly and Sick people

When College of Nursing in Celje was established, which is located in our close neighbourhood, we got an opportunity to cooperate in education system in the form of performing practical training which enables integration of theoretical knowledge with practice. Students from the college will participate with their services of nursing care even in the field of homes providing social safety services for elderly people, thus they will become our future colleagues. We consider our role in this process seriously and with responsibility. Our Home for Elderly in Šmarje pri Jelšah has created a firm cooperation with College of Nursing in Celje and we are really satisfied to be part of education process as well. We would like to give thank to the management of the college for our good cooperation and we wish you very successful work in the future.

MARIO DREMŠAK, a graduate at College of Nursing in Celje

My opinion and impressions about the study at College of nursing in Celje are positive; I can also say excellent. The study programme is demanding since it comprises quite extensive clinical training. However, during my study at this College I could only speak about positive effects. In my opinion all teaching staff and mentors are doing their best to maintain a healthy balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. They are also inclined to students and help direct students through their educational process.

Through the study I have acquired a lot of good quality knowledge and skills which I can now use in my job every day. My newly acquired qualification and knowledge have helped me to get promoted within the institution where I am employed. Currently I’m working as a deputy charge nurse in one of the wards. The management of this hospital has also appointed me the deputy charge nurse of the hospital.

I wish to all students at College of Nursing not to consider this study as mere necessity, but rather as a tool to realise their own potentials, wishes and perhaps dreams.

TOMISLAVA KORDIŠ, the chairman of Association of nurses, midwives and paramedics Celje

The members of Association of nurses, midwives and paramedics Celje are aware of the fact that knowledge is a key for development of modern, up-to-date nursing care. For this reason we support the concept of life-long learning and training in the field of nursing care.

College of Nursing in Celje has earned our trust. The regional professional association supports its operation and development. Their existing work and plans for the future show that it was the right decision to establish this professional higher education institution in this region. We are pleased that a special attention is paid to quality education of future registered nurses, to development of new knowledge, which is based on research activity, and to being integrated in the international arena. The choice of profession is an important decision. College of Nursing in Celje knows how to listen to you and is willing to help make your decision.”

DARJA KRAMAR, deputy directress for nursing care in Hospital Topolšica

When performing practical training for students of College of Nursing in Celje, we are trying to transfer as much knowledge and experience as possible in the specialties of pulmonology and general internal medicine. The process of practical training is due to specific requirements of work environment individually organised, which means that each student has their own mentor who shares the content with their students according to a plan prepared in advance. All employees in nursing care are included in implementation of pedagogical activity.

Nurses in Hospital Topolšica are perfectly aware of the relevance of nursing care, that it is much more than just a coordinated performance of numerous nursing activities. For this reason it is a significant moment for us to include future employees in the process of education. This also means our personal growth.